Vision 2020

Avant Garde will become a training and acceleration platform for new agents of change in Quebec. They will play a leading role in the development of solutions to the challenges of the 21st century, both nationally and internationally.

Our values:

Freedom of expression, Knowledge, Leadership, Interdisciplinary , Teamwork, Excellence

Our main objectives:

To fulfill our mission, our primary goal is to create a privileged place for interdisciplinary exchange and to develop an action network  for people under 45 who have leadership potential.

  • Facilitate the development of an intergenerational network for young leaders;
  • Develop the versatility of young leaders, including developing their skills outside their discipline;
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas leading to concrete actions or questions to address specific societal challenges;
  • Facilitate the implementation of interdisciplinary projects by young leaders;
  • Allow young leaders to practice the complex decision-making;
  • Improve communication skills of young leaders, including the promotion of freedom of expression;
  • Relying on research from CIRANO to enable the implementation of interdisciplinary projects;