François Reeves

Interventional Cardiologist at the CHUM and Laval’s Cité de la santé
Associate Professor of Medicine at the Université de Montréal
Clinical Researcher

Interventional cardiologist at the CHUM and Laval’s Cité de la santé, associate professor of medicine at the Université de Montréal, also a clinical researcher and member of numerous committees, Dr. François Reeves is recognized for his commitment in environmental cardiology. At ease in clinical practice as well as research, teaching, communication or product development, Dr. Reeves demonstrates a dynamic work force and commitment driven by a desire to participate in the rescue of an ailing planet. Dr. Reeves does not miss any opportunity to educate the medical community and the general public about the harmful effects of pollution on heart health. He multiplies the blogs, extensions of his work of lecturer – in particular La cardiologie est-elle devenue une spécialité environnementale ?, and of author, including Prévenir l’infarctus ou y survivre, Planète Cœur and Arbres en lumières.