Ariane K. Métellus

  • Ariane K. Métellus

President, Regroupement Naissances Respectées (Naissance-Renaissance)

Ariane K. Métellus is a social entrepreneur, consultant, lecturer, birth companion and student at UQAM’s bachelor’s degree in sociology. She is president of the Regroupement Naissances-Respectées (Naissance-Renaissance) and is a member of the board of directors of the association Vivre 100 fibromes. She also sits on the advisory committee of The RESPCCT Study (Research Examining Stories of Pregnancy and Childbearing in Canada Today) at UBC’s Birth Place Lab and on the steering committee of La CORPS féministe.

His background has led him to examine the importance of experience in the health system, specifically in the sexual and reproductive health and perinatal care of more marginalized women, particularly Black and diverse women in Quebec.

Through her work, she hopes to raise awareness, inform and support these women, assert their rights to all those who work closely or remotely with them, and participate in the recognition of the various issues that concern them by decision-making bodies and the various communities affected by these realities.

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