Christine Paquin

  • Christine Paquin

Director, Clinique juridique du Mile End

Christine is a lawyer since 2010. She holds a Bachelor Degree from Université de Montréal and she is a member of the Bar.

She has a two-year experience in litigation, more specifically in commercial law and labour law.

For the the past three years, she has held the position of Director at Clinique juridique du Mile End, a non-profit  rganization which mission is to provide assistance to individuals who are not eligible to governmental assistance but who are nonetheless unable to afford the services of a legal advisor. Managing legal services, fund raising activities, recruiting and supervising volunteers and law students are among responsibilities that are part of her role as director. In addition, she holds the principal consulting role in the organization.

She has a keen interest for health law as well as for labour law. To that effect, she has undertaken a master degree in health law at University of Sherbrooke as well as a master degree in labour law at UQAM.  Given her concerns regarding governance issues within the Québec Health Sector, she currently sits on the Board of Médecins québécois pour un régime public, a group of individuals whose goal is the promotion of access to public health services to all citizens.

She is also a member of the Fondation Filles d’actions, board of Director. This organization’s mission is to foster leadership and development among young women.