Clélia Cothier

  • Clélia Cothier

Challenge Prize Fellow, Impact & Innovation Unit, Privy Council Office, Government of Canada

Social change has always been a common motivation behind all projects Clélia got involved in. At Desjardins Lab between 2016 to 2019, she worked on applying social innovation concepts to the business world and the financial industry. Clélia first worked on spreading creativity and innovation within Desjardins by curating events and connecting employees and members to Québec’s innovation ecosystems. She then was Social Innovation Lead at the Lab and dedicated her energy to open innovation projects like Coopérathon, Canada’s largest open innovation competition. For the last 5 years, her goal has been to become a trisector athlete, by working with and connecting the private, public and social sectors. She is currently working for the Federal Government as a Challenge Prize Fellow with the Privy Council Office’s Impact and Innovation Unit. She is working to develop a challenge-prize with the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills as part of the Impact Canada initiative, to ensure that workers have the essential skills they need now and will continue to need to adapt, participate and thrive in an evolving labour market.