Dorothy Alexandre

  • Dorothy Alexandre

Communication Entrepreneur

Socially involved for the past 15 years, Dorothy Alexandre uses her pen and voice to build bridges between people from different backgrounds.
As a communications entrepreneur, she hosts events and moderates discussion panels on women, youth, entrepreneurship, media, civic engagement and diversity by collaborating with NPOs, public and parapublic institutions and private organizations. Another of his passions: producing engaged digital content. She is currently involved in the development of her first ethnographic podcast, in which she gives voice to some 50 Montrealers. She also advocates for better representation of diversity in the media and in governance as a panelist, speaker and consultant. From 2009 to 2016, Dorothy Alexandre worked as a journalist, web editor and researcher at TVA Group. Known for her thoroughness and the depth of her interviews, she hosted and co-produced the radio show En musique et en mots for four years. This project showcased the talent and commitment of young people from Montreal’s Haitian community.

Always ready to give to the next, Dorothy Alexandre is involved in many social and charitable initiatives. She is notably the president of the Conseil des Montréalaises, an advisory committee that makes recommendations to the municipal administration regarding gender equality and the status of women, and president of the board of directors of the social economy startup Bureau de Prod. She also gives conferences on motivation, communication and career choices in schools and mentors young women by promoting resilience, perseverance and surpassing oneself.