Julie Caron-Malenfant

  • Julie Caron-Malenfant

Director General, Institut du Nouveau Monde

Ms. Caron-Malenfant has a degree in Business Administration (1998). She also holds a Master’s degree in Political Science (2002) and a graduate certificate in Urban Economic Development Management. Ms. Caron-Malenfant has 15 years of experience in local development and public participation. She has contributed to several strategic studies and development plans in Mexico and Quebec. In addition, she has an enviable expertise in consultation and stakeholder participation in consultative and decision-making processes on issues of sustainable development of the territory, natural resources, culture and public affairs. She has assisted many clients in consulting citizens and stakeholders, including municipalities, regional conferences of elected officials, local development centers and various other public and private organizations. She is co-author of Guide pratique de l’acceptabilité sociale : pistes de réflexion et d’action (Éditions DPRM, 2009). Within the INM, she has led many important issues and initiatives, including the Forum mondial de la langue française, Agenda 21 de la culture pour le Québec, Jury citoyen sur le financement des partis politiques, and Rendez-vous de l’énergie.