Mario Rivero-Huguet

  • Mario Rivero-Huguet

Head of Science and Innovation, British Consulate in Montreal

Mario is responsible for UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN) activities in Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces, where he seeks to establish, foster, or strengthen collaboration and partnerships in research science (health sciences, aerospace, clean technology, etc.) between the UK and Canada’s East. He possesses a Master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Leipzig in Germany and a Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Health from McGill University with particular emphasis on innovative technologies to remediate soils contaminated with carcinogenic compounds. Mario worked in Ottawa for Canada’s International Development Research Centre as specialist in Environmental Health, committed to action-oriented and community based research approaches. He has also worked as McGill Faculty lecturer and for the Commission for Environmental Cooperation in North America in projects related to the heightened vulnerability of certain communities to environmental pollutants.