Martin Sigmen

  • Martin Sigmen

Senior Director, Organizational Strategy, Competitive Intelligence and Performance Monitoring, Desjardins Group

Martin Sigmen is currently Senior Director of Organizational Strategy, Competitive Intelligence and Performance Monitoring for Desjardins Group, the largest financial services cooperative in Canada. He has been with the organization since 2006, when he joined the general insurance subsidiary.

His current mandate is to ensure the overall coherence of Desjardins Group’s business units by defining the organization’s strategic plan and orchestrating the strategic positioning and thinking processes that have an impact on the organization’s future.

Prior to his most recent role, Mr. Sigmen held several positions in the property and casualty insurance sector. First as an analyst on the corporate strategy team, where he was responsible for the delivery of several major mandates covering a large part of the value chain, he spent several years in the commercial insurance division where he was responsible for strategy, performance monitoring and project delivery. For a time, he was in charge of Desjardins Group’s Risk Sharing Programs before being assigned as the leader responsible for business needs for a major project to deploy and replace all business systems. Prior to his appointment at Desjardins Group, he worked on the implementation of a new team in charge of experience management and digital interactions after having held the position of Senior Director in charge of marketing, offering and member/client experience, again within the general insurance sector.

A member of the original cohort of the Avant-Garde CIRANO, he is also active in his community, notably through Centraide and as administrator of the Théâtre de la Banquette Arrière. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and a Master’s degree in Strategic Management from HEC Montréal.