Mirka Snyder Caron

  • Mirka Snyder Caron

Senior Partner, Montreal Artificial Intelligence Ethics Institute

Mirka Snyder Caron is a qualified lawyer called to the Quebec Bar in 2014 and the Ontario Bar in 2017. She worked as legal counsel for National Bank from 2014 to 2018 in various areas of law including litigation, consumer protection, financial products and services, marketing and intellectual property. She then graduated with distinction from the University of Edinburgh with a Master’s degree in International Banking Law and Finance. Her thesis on “The Transformative Effect of Artificial Intelligence on the Banking Industry: A Legal and Economic Analysis” was published in the 2019 Canadian Law and Banking Review. At the end of 2018, she accepted a management position with LLC Holdings Inc. and in January 2019, she joined the Montreal Artificial Intelligence Ethics Institute (MAIEI) as a senior partner. Since then, she has given various training sessions and conferences on ethics, human rights, regulations and societal impacts surrounding AI, and regularly participates in various consultation committees and mentoring sessions on the subject in different industries.