Noah Redler

  • Noah Redler

Founder, Arche Innovation and Re-Innovate

Noah Redler is the founder of Arche Innovation, Re-Innovate and co-founder of Smart City Fest and is actively involved in the global innovation community. He is passionate about understanding how organizations and people evolve in an era of perpetual innovation and strongly believes that we can ensure the harmonious integration of humanity and technology into society and the world of work.

His unconventional career path includes a variety of professional experiences, all of which have provided him with a learning opportunity. Noah’s previous roles include the first Campus Director of Notman House in Montreal, VP of Communications and Government Relations at Quo Vadis Real Estate Management, Political Attaché with the City of Montreal, Campaign Manager for 5 elections at all levels of government, Communications Coordinator for Canada World Youth, and Manager of Logistics and Hospitality at Just for Laughs, as well as a variety of contractual positions.

Always involved in his community and believing in the value of volunteering, Noah has given his time to support many organizations. Over the years these roles have included managing Quebec communities for StartUp Canada, member of the Board of Directors of the RJCCQ, co-host of the podcast Les Dérangeants, mentor to several entrepreneurs, co-founder of La Tournées des Entrepreneurs, co-founder of the Hackerfest events in collaboration with Montreal’s Startupfest and member of the advisory committee for the Africa Web Festival in Abidjan. Noah is also a member of the administrative committee of Kids Code Jeunesse, and previously of Éco-Quartier Peter-McGill, NAHA center, among others.