Sylvain Dufour

  • Sylvain Dufour

President/Founder, Edgius Inc.

Sylvain has recently started his own company ( in the field of relational analytics, which helps to understand the major impact of employees’ informal contact networks on the efficiency, innovation and agility of companies and organizations. Edgius’ mission is to help its clients better understand their most important resource: people. In order to respond to major issues such as: diversity & inclusion, innovation & collaboration, knowledge dissemination, change management…

Prior to that, Sylvain worked for several companies including CGI, ArcelorMittal and TELUS in the fields of advanced analytics and innovation. Over the last few years at TELUS, Sylvain has developed and implemented an innovative coaching and mentoring program in advanced analytics to develop the skills and networks of emerging analysts.

Sylvain holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the Universit√© de Sherbrooke.