Vanessa Pilon

  • Vanessa Pilon

Vanessa Pilon lives to the rhythm of what makes the world vibrate. Curious, lively and passionate, she has shown, since her earliest childhood, an open mind which will be beneficial throughout her whole career.

When she was 16 years old, the future ballerina has to review her objectives, because an injury forces her to abandon her dance career. Then, she goes off to explore the world, exile during which she gets involved in the communities within organizations implanted both in Peru and in China, and then as a guide to groups of students abroad on the 5 continents.

Her open mind on the world inclines her towards journalism, that she studies for 4 years at the UQAM while getting involved as radio journalist on CHOQ FM. As versatile as curious, she makes her debuts on the small screen in a short film of Jean Malek, Les poissons, then she gets an important part in the movie Jo pour Jonathan by Maxime Giroux.

Vanessa sees her career taking a step when, in 2010, she becomes the host of Glam, a web TV centred on the fashion, then Focus Tendance the next summer. Still in the same vein, starting the summer 2011, she covers all the cultural events on the web platform of, as well as the exclusive contents such as Star Académie or Occupation Double for Vidéotron/Illico.

She continues in 2012 with TVA, where she becomes commentator on the daily show Salut, Bonjour! It’s in February 2014 that Vanessa Pilon can finally combine her passions for animation and travelling, by hosting Soleil tout inclus, on Évasion. Recently, she works on different projects back to back: Animation on Vrak Attak – Vrak TV , Ambassador of the evening Element 60’s for the benefit of the Canadian Society for Multiple Sclerosis, host capsules Yaris Top 10 and others.

Sparkling, generous person active on the socials networks, you will be charmed by this ray of sun, who will know how to take you in its explosive universe.